Celebrating 25 Years

About Us


General Classroom Information

Hours: 6:30am - 6:30pm

Infants: 6 weeks-8 months  

Crawlers: 8 months-15 months 

Toddlers:  15 months-24 months 

Pre-School 1:  19 months-2 years

Pre-School 2:  2 years

Pre-School 3: 3 years

Pre-K1: 3-4 years

Pre-K2: 3-4 years

Pre-K3: 4-5 years

Club Impact/Camp 360:  K-6th grade 

Infant-Twos:   Age range varies depending on level of ability and development.

Pre-School and Pre-K classes are determined by the year children will enter Kindergarten.


Our Goals

 1.  Promote emotional growth:

  • Build self-confidence and a sense of self-worth by allowing choices within limits.
  • Provide a safe work and play environment for children.    
  • Encourage curiosity and a sense of wonder with emphasis on self-motivation.  

2.  Promote intellectual growth: 

  • Provide an atmosphere where children can explore the world around them. 
  • Curriculum includes art, math, science, cooking, music and movement, large muscle, practical life, dramatic play, language arts and fine motor activities. Through these activities, children will learn to trust their own feelings about what they learn, hear, see and do and learn to share these activities with others.  
  • Encourage independence by showing HOW and WHERE to find solutions.

3.  Promote social growth: 

  • Instill a sense of caring for and sensitivity towards others. 
  • Recognition of group needs vs. individual differences.

The Children's Ark

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